Sunday, February 26, 2012

Circle Lens Review (Geo WBS 204 / Geo Xtra Bella Brown)

Hi, Bella here 

i’ll be reviewing my GEO WBS 204 or so called GEO Extra Bella Brown 
that I got from GWYSHOP 

its a 15mm lens . and because of its ginormous size, this gives you natural dolly look because its in brown and blends well with your eyes (as for me,I have dark brown eyes so i have no problems with it)  It has Black outer rim that slowly turns into brown as it gets to the center. 
People sometimes think that Im wearing black circle lens  because of that black rim . but it really looks like your own eye but A LOT bigger   
at my first try wearing this, i feel like there is something in my lids because of how BIG it is, but no worries  that feeling of something disappears after the lens has set in your eyeballs

this type of lens last as long as 12 months 
I pair it with Solo Care Aqua Solution from Watsons for P200+something and Sauflon Comfort Drops for P49 on Executive Optical that I use whenever my eyes feel dry. 

I prefer wearing it with make up  because I look like an alien when wearing it alone plus it would be pretty really if you would  
and not to mention it really makes my eyes sparkle & very noticeable 

so overall..  (max. of 5)
Price: √√√√√
i got it on sale for P375. what else can i say? :)
Enlargement: √√√√√
super love those big dolly eyes that it gives 
Color: √√√√
perfect for people that likes natural looking lens because it really blends into your eyes. :D
Design/Pattern: √√√√

the design is like “spiky leaf” nothing dramatic but its something more simple  
Comfort: √√√√√
very comfy. :) I wear this the most,8 hours a day. :)
Overall: √√√√√
I like these lens and I want to try out more kinds of these stuff. REALLY GOOD! :)
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if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or leave a comment on the comment section . :) I’d be glad to help! :)
(oh yeah, just so you know, the links on the pictures are from my tumblr post. :) because I first posted this on tumblr and I just copied it from there HAHA  )

xoxo BELLA   


  1. Omg you are soo pretty! I seriously think Filipino have the best looks!:)

    1. your so sweet! thanks! your pretty too!! :) ♥

  2. Thanks for the review. I was deciding whether or not to get these. They really suit you :)

    1. Your welcome :) they look pretty natural with the design and very eye enlarging. :)