Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: NICHIDO Sheer Lipstick

Looking for a nude natural looking lipstick?
maybe this one is for you.

-it's dead cheap for only P138.00
-it smells yummy(for me ^_^)
-makes your lips look juicy
-would give you natural looking lips(but better)
-cute light frosty pink packaging

-not long lasting
-can dry your lips after the moisturizing effect is gone.

Will I repurchase?
-Yes and i would love to try other shades too! =) although I would prefer something that is more opaque. but its okay :)

-reapplication through out the day is needed
-always bring your lip balm with you in case of the need of moisturization if ever your lips get dry.
-im inlove with the color because it just looks like a healthy shade of nude on my lips :)

Compared with Nichido Satin Moist Lipstick in Nude Pink

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