Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Finish Pact


Hi~! Bella here, 
I recently got Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Finish Pact on my sunday haul last March 18 2012. It is a compact oil eliminator and anti shine powder great for people who have oily skin LIKE ME

EH claims:
"Shine control pressed powder supplies moist, flawless complexion  coverage finish"

those are the only things that I could read on the box because the writings are in korean but anyway..

it comes in clean looking cool mint blue packaging that comes with a puff that is separated with a decent clear plastic divider and a mirror. The packaging is not that really girly unlike other EH products

The product itself is very fine milled powder and has mild powdery scent which I don't really mind 

the SA told me that this is a translucent powder HOWEVER, I find this to have light coverage and it makes my skin brighter & clear looking and has that silky finish plus it doesn't give me white cast which is something i'm scared to have :)

Here is a photo of my bare face(no face makeup) with my buddies SHINE & OIL
(excuse me for the chapped lips :) )

and here is a photo after I applied Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Finish Pact :)

It really does the mattifying job and it stays like that for about 4 hours(the most) on me and this is the longest oil control product that stayed on my face decently

it doesn't itch or anything and I don't breakout from it but this clogs my pores because I am having more whiteheads on my nose after using this everyday

but this, I like this powder because it keeps my oils at bay for a decent amount of time

I use this everyday at school and also as a finishing veil after foundation and for touch ups 

I would recommend this to people who has fair-medium complexion rather dark skin toned pips because it might leave you white cast but who knows right? there's nothing bad at trying. :)

BEWARE:: if you have dry patches on your skin, this makes it more dry and visible so be sure to exfoliate and moisturize!! :)

OVERALL (max. of 5)
because its kinda pricey for a student like me. :D

Oil Control


although it's translucent, it makes my skin look clear :)

pretty simple, neat looking packaging. :D love the color, very cool on my eyes. :) and very sturdy too! :) it doesn't look cheap

so that's it for my review, hope this was helpful to you. :)
tell me your thoughts about this product if you wanna buy one or if you already have one :)

xoxo BELLA  


  1. good review. followd u btw.xx

  2. This looks interesting! I'll definitely check this out on my next visit to the mall. Hope it works on my oily face! :)Followed you by the way.. Let's support each other! :D