Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake

let me give you some basic information about Fanny Serrano, he is one of the most successful makeup artist and beautician here in the Philippines and his make up line "Fanny Serrano" is made by F21 Cosmetics, F21 stands for Fashion 21 not Forever 21 , F21 products are from Taiwan

the packaging is ok, doesn't look cheap or anything and the great thing is..

it has a separate compartment for mirror and sponge!! it also has...

holes underneath for the sponge to breath :)
the only bad thing I see in here is that, if you put this in a dirty place, the dirt would instantly enter into your sponge and then you'll use your now dirty sponge on yout face and you know what happens next :)
so please keep that in mind :)

I got mine in the shade Chino
when I ask the SA for my shade, she told me that my shade was Orleans but then someone from behind me said "give her Chino, it would match her better and when it oxidize, it wouldn't be dark for her" and I looked back and saw a pretty lady and I totally agreed with her so I picked up Chino :) she's so nice!! thank you! :) 

The powder is very fine milled and has sweet powdery scent that I really adore. The sponge that came with the foundation is dense and thick :)

my face is lighter than my hand that's why the powder looks a lot lighter on the swatch 

here is a photo of my bare face :)

and photos after I applied Fanny Serrano's Two Way Cake using the sponge that came with it :)

Id say that this has medium to full coverage :)
It even'd out my skin tone & covered skin discolorations that I have and my pimple scars
I'd would apply concealer before this because it doesn't cover my dark circles
It has yellow under tone that would work for asians and this product has alot of shades that would fit filipina's skin tones :)
BEWARE:: the foundation transfers to stuff like clothes :)
It lasted on me for about 6 hours and so
Looks like my own skin when it blended and even if it oxidized, it didn't made my face look dark
Has matte finish

You can apply this two ways(as said on the box):
1. for matte finish use dry sponge
2. for transparent look, dampen sponge

in the photos above, I used the 1st method
I have also used the 2nd method and transferring was a lot lesser than 1st method but it made my dark circles a lot noticeable and oxidization was a lot darker :( so i'd rather apply it using the 1st method

so overall, Id rate this product 4.5/5 :)

btw, the price is P399 and is available at Fanny Serrano Counters, I got mine in SM Sta.Rosa department store

so that's it, I hope this review helped you. :)
see you on my next blog post!! 
xoxo BELLA 


  1. ive heard a lot about this but i got 3 powders to finish pa T^T nice review ;D

    1. you should definitely try this out after you finish your powders. :) definitely worth the purchase! :) ♥