Friday, March 30, 2012

Im So Jelly's "Happy 1 Year Anniversary"

JELLY Anna is having her one year blog giveaway with such pretty & cute prizes for girls who like gyaru style like hers. :)
check her out & the giveaway here

ends April 30, 2012 :)

xoxo BELLA 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pamu Pamorada's look alike??

Many people say that I look like someone..

someone from PBB..


they say...

Pamu Pamorada

 im like, "WHAT??!!!" O_o

But who is Pamu Pamorada,
"Annielie "Pamu" Pamorada (b. January 8, 1992) is a 19-year-old from Lipa CityBatangas. She is a self-proclaimed promdi (Tagalog slang for people from the countryside) and loves to impersonate artists, especially her idol Vice Ganda. She was abandoned by her parents in her childhood"
(info from Wikipedia)

that is the first time I searched who is Pamu..
I am shocked, because despite of her happy and energetic personality is a sad childhood..

I don't really know her because everytime I try to watch PBB, my mom would always say "Yuck! ilipat mo nga! ang baduy ng palabas na yan eh!"
my mom is always like that :P but I still try to watch PBB :)
I like seichi and Kevin. 
Pamu's lucky because she gets to flirt with seichi and kevin but like i care 
(jealous?? kinda )

I personally think we don't look alike or even resemble each other. :P
but people still says it so can I do anything? no. :P

we have kinda similar face shape
but her's is longer and mine is rounder
I have better cheeks than her
she has larger forehead,
straight korean eyebrows
her eyes reminds me of maricar reyes
our nose is absolutely a no
she has smaller lips
and I have a better smile
I have deeper laugh lines on the side of my nose
our eye bags maybe similar
complexion is a NO NO

so what do you think??

Yes? or No
 (simsimi )

xoxo BELLA  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Closet Voyage: Closet Voyage Favourites Giveaway!

Closet Voyage is having her Closet Voyage Favourites Giveaway!! Check it & her out! she's really cute and adorable and gives really great reviews and giveaways!! :D

Closet Voyage: Closet Voyage Favourites Giveaway!: Wow it’s been such a long time since my big giveaway in July last year, celebrating my blog hitting 200 follows. I’ve been planning to have ...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake

let me give you some basic information about Fanny Serrano, he is one of the most successful makeup artist and beautician here in the Philippines and his make up line "Fanny Serrano" is made by F21 Cosmetics, F21 stands for Fashion 21 not Forever 21 , F21 products are from Taiwan

Review: Elf Eye Widener

Elf Eye Widener in White as said on the packaging but pearl white on the pencil WHAT IS IT REALLY?? idk, but it still is white 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Finish Pact


Hi~! Bella here, 
I recently got Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Finish Pact on my sunday haul last March 18 2012. It is a compact oil eliminator and anti shine powder great for people who have oily skin LIKE ME

EH claims:
"Shine control pressed powder supplies moist, flawless complexion  coverage finish"

those are the only things that I could read on the box because the writings are in korean but anyway..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Haul (March 18 2012)

Sunday Haul(March 18 2012)

I just got home today from the mall (SM Sta.Rosa) and I bought some stuff that I am about to share with you!! and i'll give you my thoughts about it 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Make Up Wipes ~ Celeteque Dermo Science Hydration Make Up Remover Cleansing Facial Wipes

Are you tired in removing your make up 
too lazy to take it off

well well well..

have you tried of Make up cleansing wipes

if not.. YOU SHOULD   

its just a simple easy step to remove your make up

I use Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Make Up Remover Cleansing Facial Wipes