Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: NICHIDO Minerals Precise Eye Pencil

So I was looking for a goody cheap pencil eyeliners because i'm kinda having hard time with my liquid eyeliner so I though pencil would be great.
i got mine in the shade "tiger eye" which basically is a dark brown color.

This mineral eye pencil claims to be water resistant so i wanted it because I dont like smearing eyeliners.

Review: NICHIDO Eye Pencil

i bought this together with the other Nichido Mineral eye liner.
the difference between the two is that this pencil is like the classic eye pencil from Nichido.
it does not claim that it's water resistant.
i got mine in the shade 803 Brown

Review: NICHIDO Satin Moist Lipstick

Another nude lipstick
but has more added color :)
but i still consider it as nude(teehee =>)

Review: NICHIDO Sheer Lipstick

Looking for a nude natural looking lipstick?
maybe this one is for you.