Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: NICHIDO Minerals Precise Eye Pencil

So I was looking for a goody cheap pencil eyeliners because i'm kinda having hard time with my liquid eyeliner so I though pencil would be great.
i got mine in the shade "tiger eye" which basically is a dark brown color.

This mineral eye pencil claims to be water resistant so i wanted it because I dont like smearing eyeliners.

-cheap (P138.00)
-water resistant
-easy to apply
-versatile: can be used as eyebrow pencil and eyeliner too! :)
-very pigmented

-doesn't last through out the day
when smudged..

Will I repurchase?
-yes but i would wanna try some one products too :)

-i like using this as an eyeliner pencil than eyebrow pencil and setting with powder keeps it from fading.

Compared with the Nichido classic eye pencil:
-this one is stay on longer and less smudging compared to the other one.

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