Saturday, September 1, 2012

Circle Lens REVIEW :: Crystal Lens Opal Brown

Circle Lens REVIEW :: Crystal Lens Opal Brown

Hi! :)

Today imma be reviewing the new korean contact lens brand called "Crystal"

I got mine in Opal Brown
 With a size of 14.8mm with 8.6
*lens here are upside down (sorry)
These lens reminds me alot of Geo's Super Angel Brown altho I haven't tried them out yet.
*lens here are upside down (sorry)
 so this is how it looks like on my eye in indoor light with flash
pretty right? :)
*sorry about my eye here, i had no makeup except for mascara XD

These lens are so thin compared to my Geo Xtra Bella Brown
and they are really comfy, feels like you're wearing nothing
and they are also a lot cheaper, it only got me an introductory price of P500 for two lens (i got my bestie the other one) from GWY shop.
yesterday, i wore this the whole day and i didnt need to drop lubricant cuz it didnt feel dry or anything but when i got home by 6, my eyes felt so tired and feels like there's somewhat pressure that tells me to remove the lens already. :D it alrighty cuz i've been wearing it starting around 9:30am to 6pm :)
the design isn't that noticeable cuz it really blends well with my brown eyes and it also makes your eyes look noticeable and its hella enlarging :D

I would rate this 5/5 ♥! :)

here are some pictures in broad daylight :)

i really like this lens cuz i can do uljjang and simple gyaru look with this and cuz its not that kind of lens that makes you look like a lizard :D

and thats it.
thanks of reading! :**
till next time yah? :D

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