Thursday, September 27, 2012

OMGeez - Personalized Bracelets/BraidsLet

Hey guys! i just wanna share something cute that i got recently at OMGeez
Personalized Bracelets/BraidsLet

This one is for my boyfriend's birthday.
his favorite colors are yellow and gray so I got this for him
i know it's kinda cheap for me to give this to him but I had no idea what to give :P
plus I didn't have the money at the moment :P
 and this one's mine, light pink & ocean blue

all i said when i saw this was that is was sooo cute ^_^

only downside to this is that i got something wrong going on on my braidslet :P :(
 its got a cut part :P
so I had to put strong ass glue on it :P

but other than that is okay. :)
maybe I just happen to have a bad order. :P

you can check them out!! :D

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