Saturday, September 1, 2012

REVIEW:: Snoe Eye Boop Liquid Eyeliner

REVIEW:: Snoe Eye Boop Liquid Eyeliner

Heeey~ :)
you know what this is..
*if not, read the title XD

comes in a tiny cute bottle :)
gold lines makes me feel like cleopatra :D
The felt tip brush makes you do precise lines, thin or thick, it goes with how you apply it. :D

What I like:
-its cheap, i forgot the price but its around P115
-Filipino made
-easy to use
-can be removed easily with water
-long wearing
-smudge proof
-doesn't leave you with dark stuff on your lids
-doesn't have those tuggy feeling of cheap liquid liners :D
-very light weight

What I don't like:
-i feel like it would dry up pretty fast
-you can easily mess your eye make up if you're not good at applying these liquidy stuff
-can be removed easily with water (altho i also like it, its just that im hoping that it could at least be water resistant :D )

*sorry if my review is so short cuz me myself is a lazy ass when it comes to reading so i like to keep it short & straight to the point for my readers :)

here are some pictures of my eyes with and without the liner.

*sorry for the total blurriness :\

with the eyeliner on
i dont put that much eyeliner on cuz i want my lashes to stand out more. :)

well..thats it of my review
i hope it helped you. :)

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