Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Elf Eye Widener

Elf Eye Widener in White as said on the packaging but pearl white on the pencil WHAT IS IT REALLY?? idk, but it still is white 

so I picked this up hoping it would do good without searching for any reviews about the product. UGH, well, I should've done that but I didn't so, yeah.. It's in a pencil form of white eyeliner and the cap/cover comes with a sharpener. 

Elf Eye Widener claims:
  • This soft white eye pencil goes on smoothly and blends easily, which helps to create an illusion of bold and beautiful eyes that sparkle
  • Pencil cap is designed with a built in sharpener making your application perfect every time 

onto the review!! 

I find this white eyeliner to be silverish white than being pearl white and it has shimmers in it. It tried putting this on my lower waterline but it didn't work out because the product didn't transfer at all and if it did, just a small amount of it and it didn't last long and went on my tear duct. Its not a really soft pencil and it looks chalky

I also tried putting this on my inner corners and blended it out and guess what?? I like it better there than on my waterline. :) this does better in highlighting your inner corner than a white eyeliner on your waterline

So overall, this product kinda sucks because its not really soft, its chalky and the color doesn't transfer at all. I'd rate this 2/5. I got this for P129.75 so its not a big deal but still a waste of money. And I absolutely don't recommend this but I think this would work really good as a inner corner highlight for people who have fair skin because it looks less chalky if you have fairer skin. :)
see you again in my next blog post!!
xoxo BELLA  

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  1. i agree that elf pencils r chalky and kinda all over the place, it budges too ><