Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Haul (March 18 2012)

Sunday Haul(March 18 2012)

I just got home today from the mall (SM Sta.Rosa) and I bought some stuff that I am about to share with you!! and i'll give you my thoughts about it 

1. Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in Chino 
              -so this a foundation that you can use either wet or dry, whatever way you wanna use it. i have read many good reviews about this foundation and they say that this is a dope for MAC Studio Fix, how good is that, although I dont have MAC products other than their Blot Powder :)

2. Fanny Serrano Moisturific Moisture-Rich Lipstick  in Peri Sherry
              -I saw this on Fanny Serrano's Website and when I got to see it face to face I tried it out and I was amazed how this lippie went so smoothly and not to mention that it covered my uneven lip color perfectly. I was having thoughts on buying this lippie or the one from IN2IT in Tawny because they look similar only thing is that this lippie has more of a rosy pink to it unlike the IN2IT one is more of an everyday nude finish that even my mom didn't notice it while i was wearing it   but I will be sure getting that IN2IT one. :) the price of the two is not that far away, fanny serrano's for P299.00 and IN2IT's for P360.00 i think. :D

3. Finess Oil Control Sheet
              -this is my 2nd buy of this blotting paper. I like this because it sips my oils well to the point that my skin still looks healthy/dewy unlike Clean and clears blotting sheets that is really pricey conpared to this for P31.00 :)

4. Etude House Dr.Oil Solution 
               -a translucent compact powder great for oily skin like me. So when I was in Etude House, i was about to buy their Lip concealer but then I thought that Fanny Serrano's lipstick wouldn't need that so I asked if they have translucent powder and the SA showed my this. I had that feeling of "love at first sight" on this product and my skin told me that I really need to get this because MAC's Blot Powder doesn't work well for me. :D although the price is P378.00 im sure this will be a great product on me (hopefully) :)

5. Sauflon CyClean Multipurpose Solution
                -I almost forgot to buy lens solution after I bought Etude House Dr.oil solution, luckily i did remember it only thing is I dont have enough money anymore. haha. good thing I have my mom with me, she lent me money to buy this. :D I wanna buy Opti-Free Replenish when I was told that it costs P260.00 and I only had P200.00 so I asked the SA if there are any good lens solution other than Opti-Free and she showed me this and I saw the brand SAUFLON which is also the same brand of my lubricant. hehe. so i got this and hoping that it will do good the same as its lubricant. :D

6.ELF Eye Widener
              -a white eye pencil. I am excited in getting this product although I didn't looked it up in the internet for reviews. tell you what, i wish i didn't got this thing because I was hoping for some opaque soft white eyeliner but I was wrong. It's a silverish glittery eyeliner that is chalky and hard to put on my lower waterline.. :( oh well, i'll just try to make this work out on me and if it don't I wouldn't be really that sad because this is just for P129.75 but still waste of money. :P

so that's it for my haul, thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading this. :) btw, im gonna make a separate review for the products that I bought. :D

xoxo BELLA 

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